Rats Rule


Willard, a socially wiped upon young man, is verbally and daily abused by his boss. That’s what happens when all you aspire to be is an office rat.

Ironic choice of words as Willard befriends two rats he intended to drown. He feeds them, trains them and eventually becomes Mayor of Rat City. When someone pisses him off, he commands the rats to chew on his enemies as if People Nips™.


Taking them to work, the boss finds one of the rats and kills it with the end of a broom. Right there you know Willard’s boss’ days off are about to become permanent. Swarming all over the fat protagonist, the rats are happy to fulfill Willard’s revenge protocol – until Willard makes the mistake of paying more attention to a hot chick (Sandra Locke) and forgetting about his furry minions.


The rats, led by the super-intelligent Ben (superstar of his own self-titled movie in 1972 whose super sappy theme song was performed by Michael Jackson), do to Willard what he was making them do unto others. The scenes of thousands of swarming real rats will give you a pee shudder more than once.


So if you have a rat-o-phobia don’t watch Willard (1971), not because it’ll goon you out more so, but because rats love this movie and will come out from your mattress where they nest to watch it with you.

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