Cowboy Robots


A sort of adult Fantasy Island, Westworld (1973) is an “amusement park” where you dress up like a cowboy, ride your horse into town, throw down a nickel for a cold beer, and shoot the cowboy in the face/saloon who just made a remark about your sexual preferences.


The best part is you don’t get arrested for killing said mule mouth because they’re all humanoid robots that get hauled off, repaired and ready to be shot the next day. That is, until something goes wrong and the robots start doing the killing. Ha!


An iconic sci-fi movie that’s been parodied one million times since it came out in the Seventies. Yul Brynner is freakin’ cool as the bad cowboy/robot in black who wants to slap leather with you. (That’s NOT in reference to the aforementioned sexual preference thing).


Speaking of which…ROBOT HOOKERS! You can’t tell the difference between a real 1800s working girl and a mechanical one, but the boobs are for sure fake.

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