Forget alligators, piranhas or swamp sharks – there’s something more bitey than all the above, swimming/dining around the Louisiana Lunch Counter (i.e., Bayou.) Just ask the two guys it just ate. Go ahead.


Besides being incredibly hungry, Frankenfish (star of Frankenfish/2004) looks like a 10-foot dolphin that’s been huffing paint fumes. Ramming the bottom of the houseboat to apply strategic water holes, Frankenfish waits for the floating domiciles to sink. Brilliant, I say. Why? Think of it as reverse fishing. I know, right?


The guy who genetically fashioned the fin (“It’s a Northern Snakehead, and he’s not hunting…he’s shopping!”) shoots it full of rhino tranquilizer. I drank some of that stuff before. Mixed it with Diet Snapple™. Good buzz, but it tasted like FrankenAss. (The Snapple™, not the tranquilizer.) But if you think that’s all there is to the story, you don’t know frank about Frankenfish.


This is another trip to the store as Snakehead Terror (2004) already started the food chain. But this one’s better because it has a way cooler title.

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