Ghost Warrior

Ghost Warrior

Ghost Warrior (1986) was/is also known as, (or “aka”) as Swordkill. I’m religiously partial to Ghost Warrior, but you have to give it up for the “to the point” efficiency of Swordkill.

It was one of the movie’s several kicker lines that suckered me into taking the bait: “Forgotten by time…awakened by science.” Eleven syllables that sum up my entire life.

Yoshimitsu, a frozen Samurai who just celebrated his 400th birthday is discovered/defrosted by scientists who stick a tongue depressor up his ass, thereby turning him into a Japanese popsicle. So much for maintaining the dignity of an elite warrior. (They do this in Los Angeles where that kind of thing goes on in cocktail lounges all the time.)

Ghost Warrior

Rudely rousted from his chill, popsicle butt, uh, popsicle Yoshimitsu, is in no mood to do any man-hugging. That sword of his cuts like a knife. And it does – a lot, mostly on street gangstas and assorted breakers of the law. Think Death Wish II (1982), but with a katana popsicle stick and a nodachi sword.

Not too gory, but enough for you to close your eyes and softly imagine.

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