Zombie Train

Horror Express

If you’re a professor of anthropology and are bringing a missing link fossil back from the frozen meatlockers of Europe, you’d have to do it via the Trans-Siberian Railway™. That way the fossil can come back to life and kill everyone on said mode of transportation. This is why it wouldn’t work if you took a plane or a cab.

Horror Express

But the artifact isn’t your run-of-the-mill missing link fossil – this thing has an eye that glows bright red and sucks not only thoughts and knowledge out of your head, but turns your eyes white and makes them bleed. Wham – you’re cooked.

Horror Express

Where Horror Express (1972), a decidedly inventive and taut thriller, pulls out all stops is when the creature reanimates an entire platoon of dead Russians to overtake the train. This is a pant-moistening sight – all these zombie ghouls with white eyes and drips of blood coming to get you, Barbara.

Horror Express

There’s even an autopsy scene with a hacksaw (someone just happened to have one) as its applied to the cranium. But it’s the needle-in-the-eye poking that made me shift uncomfortably in the formerly-dry chair I was sitting in. I can handle missing links and thought sucking, but eye stuff just goons me the h*ck out.

One Response to “Zombie Train”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Watched it yesterday and it was quite fun to watch ! Thanks for the tip man !

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