Prom Queen Demon

Hello Mary Lou, Prom Night II

In 1957, Mary Lou would be considered Hamilton High School’s resident slut, going ALL the way with boys. In today’s terms she’d be referred to as your ex.

At the school prom, she slips backstage to have a one-off with a willing and visibly eager classmate. But her boyfriend Bill catches them mid-clinch and gets all gooned out. His plan for revenge is sweet – throw a stink bomb at her as she’s being crowned Prom Queen. That’ll teach her. Like most stink bombs, though, this one accidentally catches Mary Lou on fire and she burns into a crispy cream in front of the entire school.

Hello Mary Lou, Prom Night II

Jump into the future where it’s 1987 and Bill is now the Hamilton High’s principal. But on this 30th anniversary of Mary Lou’s scorched porch, some strange things are happening. Vickie Carpenter, the school’s wallflower mouse, is dressing a lot sexier, talking a lot sexier and tongue kissing her own dad a lot sexier. That she takes off her clothes means she’s like, double sexier.

Hello Mary Lou, Prom Night II

You guessed correctly – Mary Lou has possessed Vickie so that she can rightfully claim her Prom Queen crown, and needs a hot young naked female body to do it. I just love plot twists such as this. In a nice touch, Fifties rock ’n roll plays every time Vickie/Mary offs one of the students.

Hello Mary Lou, Prom Night II

Bill guesses correctly that Mary Lou has returned from beyond –and knows what he has to do…MORE STINK BOMBS! OK not really. But that would’ve been my strategem. Mary Lou’s transition back to her former sluttiness comes complete with a half burnt face and a ghost-like voice indicating she’s evil. She’s so hot (sorry – no pun intended) I wouldn’t care if she had a voice like a pro wrestler.

Hello Mary Lou, Prom Night II

The plot may be Horror 101, but something – perhaps the nudity and burning (sorry, again) sexuality of Mary Lou – make Hello Mary Lou, Prom Night II (1987) a flaming (sorry, I’m unable to stop myself) winner.

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  1. I enjoyed this one as well!

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