Non-Stick Indestructible Man

The Indestructible Man

Butcher Benton, a career criminal, certainly lived up to his name, leaving a trail of bodies so wide, he might as well have given directions to his whereabouts to the police. For that he’s sentenced to the gas chamber (kinda like a lethal injection, but for your nose), but swears revenge from beyond the gas.

The Indestructible Man

An independent cancer research doctor obtains Benton’s carcass and revives him with Frankenstein™ brand electricity. Benton wakes up feeling fresh as a cooked potato. He’s also even more insane, super strong, and impervious to things like bullets, bazooka artillery and bee stings. On the downside, he’s unable to say simple phrases like, “I’ll kill yooouuu!” Hard to speak when you’re tongue has been meatloafed.

The Indestructible Man

Benton’s goal: get his former partners who, along with his attorney, plotted to claim his ill-gotten gains, of which there is a lot. (The movie doesn’t say, but I’m guessing one hundred billion dollars.) Benton’s also ticked because his ex-girlfriend is now dating the cop who busted him. Ooh, snap!

The Indestructible Man

The Indestructible Man (1956) is loaded with clunky action, a jumping story line, and an impervious dude who looks more like a cooked potato than a revenge-seeking monster from beyond the grave. While it all ends badly – again for Benton (and a few deserving others) – you can see why he was justifiably motivated to do what he did. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way I feel.

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