King Konga


Dr. Drecker, on a botany exploration, didn’t die when his small plane had a problem with gravity while flying over Africa. Presumed dead for a year, Drecker suddenly returns to his native zip code with a suitcase full of exotic plants and a monkey. So much for the Flora/Fauna Act of 1988, which clearly prohibits agriculture and primates from cross-pollinating our borders. (Yeah, I get that Konga was made in 1961 and the FF Act had yet to be implemented. That’s no excuse for breaking the future law.)


The doctor uses a serum on Konga, his little monkey friend, which makes the sprite chimp growth spurt all over the place. Soon, Konga is the size of a shaggy football player and does Drecker’s bidding, which is to eliminate boyfriends of hot female student interns so Drecker can, like, mack on ’em and stuff. This makes Margaret, his “aging but still got it” assistant freakin’ upset as she wanted Drecker to mack on her.


Margaret injects Konga with a full dose of grow juice and the ape expands to bell tower height. Konga, not able to reconcile his hormones and the fact that he keeps outgrowing his fur every two minutes, chucks Margaret aside as if a chew toy, busts through the roof of Drecker’s three-story house and takes the lascivious doctor for a walk downtown.


The military shows up and lays down some serious firepower. Konga just stands there and rolls his exercise ball sized eyes as most of the artillery, shot from right across the street, misses him. (The Army needs more target practice.)

KongaDon’t know why they were shooting at him as Konga, only wrecking one building the entire movie, did nothing to provoke the attack. I weep for Konga because no one else will. In all, fun but goofy flick. I think Konga is really a guy in a gorilla suit. Need to watch it again to be sure.

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