A Baker’s Dozen of Ghosts

13 Ghosts

This is the 1960 version of 13 Ghosts, with floating milk bottles, not the 2001 remake where the ghosts actually eat your face.

Dr. Zorba wasn’t a people person, preferring to stay a recluse in his mansion and collect ghosts. Twelve of ’em to be exact. After the sociable doc kicked the bucket, his estate is left to his “so poor he can’t even pay attention” nephew Cyrus and his family.

13 GhostsIn addition to inheriting all of the Doc’s cool stuff, the heirs also get a special pair of goggles that allow them to see stuff like floating bottles of ghost milk, a flaming ghost skeleton, a headless ghost lion tamer (he really got into his act), and a ghost lion (hungry – and terribly upset someone poured his bottle of milk all over the floor). But the family has to ride it out as a fortune in cash is supposed to be hidden somewhere in the spirit beleaguered house.

13 GhostsCornball thrills, weak dialogue, and no face-eating. Hardly a believeable ghost movie.

So who or what is the 13th ghost? ME. Don’t look so surprised. The clues were right there the whole time.

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