My Big Fat Greek Zombie

Evil To KakoEvil To Kako (2005) is allegedly the first Greek zombie movie ever made. I don’t think so. Anyone recall My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)? That thing was full of zombies. Their job was to act human. Wasn’t the least bit convincing, if you ask me.

Three construction workers discover a huge cave, no doubt loaded with EVIL. They go home, not remembering how they got out of the cave. All three go do stuff  – attend a nightclub, a chariot race, uh, football game, and watching the chariot races…uh, football game on TV. Then they look like they’re about to barf. But they don’t. They bite the person to their immediate left, thereby turning that person into a flesh-eating zombie in less time than it takes to toast “ya’sou!” at a big fat Greek wedding.

Evil To KakoSoon everybody’s doing the bite-your-face thing and, before you know it, another movie trend burns itself out. A cabbie and several un-zombie’d spend the next hour running and battling the biting dead. But mostly running.

Evil To KakoLoads of dark humor in this chew festival, including heads that leak Silly Putty™ when crushed, heads that split in two like bleeding bakery-fresh bread right out of the oven, heads that come off as easily as if the supporting neck were made of clay… There is no story, just running and chewing and body parts flinging all over the place.

Evil To KakoThe multitudes of zombies converge on the last four survivors. Their strategy? Run out onto a chariot…uh, football field, put backs together, lock arms and wait. The final shot, though, is pretty darn cool. The camera rises, oh, about a Roman mile into the sky, showing zombies pouring into the stadium – without a ticket – like ants crawling all over a picnic watermelon. Funny stuff, that.

Lots of splatter, but nothing else that matters. Not a total waste of time, but it is sub-titled. If I wanted to read I’d go to a library. Whatever that is.

2 Responses to “My Big Fat Greek Zombie”

  1. I agree with the final shot. That scene was chilling.

  2. Why in the first pic there are three zombies showing three fingers? Is something evil or illuminati or a crap like that? And why in the last pic that guy with a fork in the eye is bleeding purple blood?

    I’ll see this movie. I’m a zombie already, watching all those garbage films of the present film industry. All is crap.

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