Exploding With Fury

The FuryThe young teenage girl with lots of shirt potential in 1978’s The Fury discovers she has yet another power: telekinetic abilities. Here’s the head cracker – people who touch her start bleeding. (Do what I do and wear gloves.)

In order to understand this mind madness, she enrolls in the Paragon Clinic under the supervision of Dr. McKeever. But McKeever is under the supervision of that rat bastard Childress, a greasy intelligence operative (played greasily by John Cassavettes), wants to control this chick in order to use her for a weapon with matching accessories, etc. He has another student, the psychic son of a former co-worker/friend. But the boy has gone one cuckoo over the nest due to all the experimenting on his noodle-less brain.

The FuryThe Fury revolves around dad trying to find his son, using the mind chick to help track him down. But not before the son makes a woman float in the air, bleed out of her, um, areas, and spin around like a bleeding fan. When dad finally meets up with his son, the two fight it out on a roof top. And we all know what that’s good for – look out for falling rocks.

The FuryAs effects go, not too bad for a 1978 flick. The big pay-off was watching someone – I’m not saying who – explode. But not just “blow up, mop the floor, turn out the lights, call it a day” explode. This scene was shot from no less than 13 different angles! (I counted.) Friggin’ cool.

The FuryToday’s younger horror/sci-fi fan will probably think the movie is a bit too dated and its premise a bit on the goofy side. But c’mon –when was the last time you saw a body explode from 13 different angles that wasn’t in a rap video? That, and The Fury has the manly Kirk Douglas in it, the guy who played Spartacus, the slave gladiator who, in 1960, led a revolt against those Republican Roman Empire p*ssies. That’s gotta count for something.

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