Those Damned Banshees

Damned By DawnThe Internet tells us that a banshee is a fairy woman who begins to wail if someone is about to die. (Or when a shoe sale is about to end.) In Scottish Gaelic mythology a banshee is known as the bean sìth (from Star Wars) or bean-nighe (from a chili recipe) and is often seen washing the blood-stained clothes or armor of those who are about to die. That’s sexist to state that dead or alive, women like doing laundry.

Damned By DawnA hot city chick and her boyfriend travel all the way to the English countryside to be at her dying grandmother’s side (she looks like an onion left in the fridge too long). Like grandma is about to, when you die in Damned By Dawn (2009), there’s a banshee that comes to escort your soul to the Land of the Dead. I’m visibly conflicted they don’t teach this in Sunday school.

There’s a catch, though: when the not-so-mythical creature shows up to take grandma to her next assisted living care purgatory, don’t screw (or “interfere”) with the proceedings. We’ll heck, why don’t you just tell the granddaughter not to put her fingers on a hot stove burner?

Damned By DawnWhen the crying soul-taker arrives, the well-intentioned girl intervenes. This makes the banshee, a female ghost with bleeding eyes and a paint-peeling scream that would get her hired in any number of Swedish death metal bands, highly upset.

Damned By DawnThe banshee uses her screech of doom to wake the dead, all of whom are skeletons, and come after anybody with a puny  two-octave range. They fly around like death Frisbees™ and, if they catch you, possess the grocery bag that is your body and make you bleed out of primary orifices and do dead activities. (Your guts falling out of the grocery bag, breath making stink fumes…) Oddly, when a skeleton is shot in the bone structure, blood splats out. Not sure how that scientifically works.

Some slippery gore, a few good pee-shiver moments, and a decent banshee who can give a fire house siren a good run for its money.

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