Mexican Dinosaurs

The Beast of Hollow MountainThe Beast of Hollow Mountain (1956) is also known as El Monstruo de la Montaña Hueca.  I freakin’ LOVE that. Not sure why, actually. Must be the beer I had for breakfast.

Those cows on that American cowboy’s Mexican ranch just didn’t eat themselves – they were chomped upon by a prehistoric dinosaur. The h*ck you say! But it’s true – a reptileosaurus walks around with bull steers in his mouth as if they were mere hamburgers he found laying on the ground and no one around to claim ownership.

The Beast of Hollow MountainThis makes the cowboy rootin’ tootin’ mad, so he enlists his Mexican neighbors (paid ’em with Canadian coins) to help him shoo the hungry varmint off his land and to quit snacking on his gosh darn livestock. (Compared to the stuffed animals stuffed in its mouth, the plastic dinosaur looks downright real. OK, not really.)

The Beast of Hollow MountainCheesy effects, “aiyeee!” proclaiming Mexicans and an elephant. Yeah, they threw in one of those, too. In for a penny, in for a pound. And if you couldn’t guess why they called it Hollow Mountain, where did you think the dinosaur’s been living all these years?

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