Super Inframan

Super Inframan

Not really a sci-fi movie, but a 1970’s collection of three Japanese Saturday morning TV action shows that has superhero Super Inframan kung-fuing the crap out of an evil princess’ ill-tempered gang of rubberized monsters.

Super InframanSuper Inframan knows all the latest fighting techniques and can flip around like an epileptic pancake. He can also fly, instantly grow to the size of whatever the size of a three-story building is. And not once does he get his bright red suit smudged with criminal stains. That is SO badass.

Super InframanThe evil princess comes up from the earth’s core and decides to go shopping. And by shopping I mean destroy Hong Kong. She brings with her an army of bug-eyed thugs: a rock monster, a crab monster and the ridiculously cool octopus monster. (I have GOT to get me one of those octo-hats.)

Super InframanEach takes on Super Inframan and each gets its mutated ass soundly trumped. The fight scenes, though, are so long you could travel to the earth’s core and back and not miss a punch. My ONLY complaint is that when Super Inframan knocks a monster on its hind tentacles, you can see the street shoes of the guy inside the suit, which only covered the legs. Talk about a buzzkill.

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