Space Children Not From Space

The Space ChildrenA space brain, the size of a fresh-from-the-oven apple pie, arrives via teleportation beams on a California beach near the Thunderer missile launch site. It later grows into throbbing cauliflower about the size of a Smart Car.™

The Space ChildrenThe kids of scientists commissioned to work on the Thunderer top secret project discover the shiny brain pie and are mind enlisted to help it. The goal being to keep the Thunderer, amed with a hydrogen warhead, from being sent into space as an explosive Cold War peacekeeper.

The Space ChildrenThe kids are imbued with telekenetic powers and sass talk their parents with their minds. Can you imagine how cool it would be to tell your mom and dad to got to Heck with your thoughts? I’m doing it as we speak. Not to my parents – yours. I like my mom and dad.

The Space ChildrenEven with a bomb with a name as awesome as the Thunderer, The Space Children, made in 1958 when sci-fi was supposed to be cool – is a space dud, with flat dialogue and acting, the only exception being the addition of Jackie Coogan, who gained international glory as the Addams Family’s Uncle Fester. Almost didn’t recognize him as he didn’t have a lightbulb in his mouth even once during the missile’s launch countdown. If there was ever a time to stick one in your gob, that was it.

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