The Fly – Unsafe Insect

The FlyIn the masterful sci-fi horror The Fly (1958), Andre Delambre is a scientist who invents a teleportation device so he can transport ashtrays to and from different rooms in case some wants to light up. Experimenting day and night until he gets it right (the first one with the family cat didn’t turn out so good), he finally succeeds in teleporting flesh and blood in the right order.

The FlyWith no other cats around, Andre gets into the device zaps himself across the room. Neato. What is less than neato is that a fly got into the chamber with him and was re-integrated with Andre and his lab coat. Now his fly is open – permanently.

The FlyKeeping his disfigured head covered with a handy black cloth so his wife won’t see it and freak the hell out, he types out messages with his non-fly claw hand, instructing her to catch a housefly with a white head (his former one). It’s theorized that if both go back through the device, maybe their DNA puzzle pieces will get put back in order.  But this is real life, not some feel-good movie. It ain’t gonna happen.

The FlyHis sanity giving way to that of being a six-foot housefly, his final coherent instructions to his wife is to push the button on the metal press while he lays under it, thereby erasing all evidence of this science oopsie so that it may never be repeated – and in the process wrecking perfectly good lab coat. (Love means never having to say you’re sorry for putting your husband’s head in a hydraulic metal press.)

The Fly

The Fly boasts two of sci-fi horror’s all time best scream moments, one when the wife (and viewer) sees her husband’s fly face for the first time, and the final scene in the garden with the other buggy version of Andre caught in a spider web. Even by today’s standard that one gives your shorts a good yank. And I submit to you, who couldn’t use a good shorts yank every now and again?

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