A Space Monster From Space

Dogora – The Space MonsterDogora – The Space Monster (aka, Dagora – blah, blah, blah) is one of those early ’60s Japanese sci-fi movies that both defies description and yet is hard to describe. There seems to be a problem with that sentence I can’t quite put my finger on.

Some might say Dogora, an extraterrestrial Godzilla-sized monster, is nothing more than a super-sized jellyfish. And to that I say SCREW YOU. Dogora can float in the sky and leak out heavy crystals that bash people in the head. Can a jellyfish do that? I think not.

Dogora – The Space MonsterDiamond mines the world over are being pilfered, probably for their valuable rocks. A Japanese detective theorizes it to be the work of a gang of highly-organized criminals. A shifty detective from the States is brought in to assist, although he really seems to only want to assist his own wallet. And real diamond thieves, upset to the point of stomach aches, are at a loss to explain their loss because the diamonds they stole are being re-stolen.

Dogora – The Space MonsterNo one thinks to blame Dogora, because hey, what the hell do outer space squid need with diamonds? I’ll tell you what – Dogora requires the carbon, which diamonds are made of. He eats the damn stuff. People and buildings, too.

The gangster stuff is goofy, with lots of plot-stalling double and triple-crossing going on. But scientists and police have their hands full trying to make Dogora knock it off. They finally figure out how to do this and the effects, while not terribly convincing, are fun to watch if you’ve been drinking.

Dogora – The Space MonsterI’d love to throw back a few cold ones with Dogora, if anything just because his arms are long enough to reach all the way to the fridge to grab some more space beers without having to get off the lunar couch.

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