Village of the Giants

Village of the GiantsA giant dog, a giant spider, giant ducks, giant teenagers, giant boobs… Village of the Giants, a 1965 camp sci-fi romp, has everything. Party-intent teenagers grow to the size of party buildings after ingesting some chemical stuff called, Goo. (I thought for an hour and couldn’t come up with a better name for the Super Gunk™.)Because they’re teens, being supersized means two things: no more being kept down by non-partying rules, and movie theater curtains make for great party togas.

Village fo the GiantsAs giants, the teens want to keep the party going. One giant chick grabs a regular sized guy and puts him on her chest, letting him dangle from her bra like a leaf in the wind. It has been my life’s bitterest defeat not to have had the opportunity to swing on a giant girl’s chest.

The town’s sheriff shows up and makes the teens go back inside the movie theater, which is a total buzzkill, and stay there until a solution can be found to return them to normal. As if that could ever happen to any teenager, giant or not.

Village fo the GiantsBut the teens aren’t down with the Man’s plan, so they decide to make it Giant Town by isolating themselves from the world, ripping up telephone lines, blocking roads and smooshing communication technology (antennas).

While I would’ve called it Largeville or Tall Town, the teens nevertheless get served when a Goo antidote is thus applied to the situation, which had been growing (sorry) out of control.

Village fo the GiantsIn a rather obtuse moment, the teens, now back to normal size, are run out of Hainsville (the town’s original name before, you know). They encounter a group of people asking directions. “Is that the place they have the Goo?” They drive off as a group of midgets head into town.

Science fiction can be so insensitive sometimes.

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