War-Gods of the Deep

War-Gods of the DeepMade in 1965, War-Gods of the Deep is also known as The City Under the Sea. I like War-Gods of the Deep as it sounds more metal. The City Under the Sea seems too smooth jazz.

Under the water off the coast of Cornwall is an entire submerged city full of guys, some of whom look like distant relatives of the Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954). Breathing a mixture of oxygen and fish farts which allows them to live way longer than they normally would, these “war-gods” have some double trouble bubbling all around them.

War-Gods of the DeepThere’s an underwater volcano that’s about to blow, wrecking their liquid lifestyle. Secondly, top-siders have infiltrated their grotto to rescue this really hot chick with big pontoons who looks just like Capt. War-God’s wife from, I don’t know, a million years ago. There’s also a pet chicken named Herbert, who gets stuffed into a diving suit with his owner/primary caretaker. Besides being clucked up (heh), a grown man with a chicken in his sea suit was a little uncomfortable to watch.

The land walkers manage to escape by walking away in diving suits while fish men and a few other sea dwellers in diving suits because they haven’t developed their gills yet, go after them. Here’s how smart they are: the war-gods use crossbows to shoot wooden arrows at the escapees/barn yard fugitive. They get about two feet and then float to the surface. Ineffective, to say nothing of being wasteful.

War-Gods of the DeepA fantastical premise with effects ranging from believable (chickens do not need to decompress after being under water), to unbelievable (where does toilet water go when you flush in an undersea city?). Cool movie sets and a whole lot of clucking help distract from the fact that there really isn’t much of a story. Still, fishmen with crossbows and an aqua-chicken. Kinda cool.

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