Horror Pig-Out

PigsPigs is a lurid little ditty from the year 1973, portraying everyone’s favorite breakfast makin’s as human flesh eating beasts. Kind of ironic when you think about it as we’ve been doing that to pigs since the dawn of time/this morning.

Wendy is a busty-yet-traumatized gal on the run from a mental care facility where she was undergoing treatment for years of personal sex education lessons given by her father. This forced her to kill dirty daddy, which snapped the filament holding her brain together.

Ending up at a roadside diner run by the creepy and skittish Zambini (a former circus high-wire performer who had an off day), Wendy not only scores a job, but a place to live as well. Zambini’s neighbors, a couple of old broads who constantly call the police over Zambini’s pigs making such a racket all the time, fear for their lives, as something making grunts and squeals has been rooting around their house at night. Probably Bigfoot.

PigsOne of Wendy’s customers has been putting his patented hot moves on her and, when she doesn’t respond accordingly, he gets forceful. Just like her father used to. Snap. Zambini comforts her and offers to get rid of the body. A few chops with the butcher knife (as a diner cook, he knows all about portion control) and the pigs are fed and snortingly happy once again. (Fresh meat beats all those old rotting corpses he’s been digging up and passing off as meals.)

Doesn’t take long for a representative of the hospital to track down Wendy, so that takes care of the pig’s dinner. In between making phone calls to her dead dad and stabbing folk with one of the many assortment of Zambini knives, Wendy knows she must leave this safe haven. So she throws her jewelry and clothes in with the pig’s people chow and hits the road. The cops figure the pigs did her in. All facts considered, I’d have come to the same conclusion and arrested the pigs on the spot. No handcuffs – just hog-tie ’em. Heh.)

Yes, there is some explicitly gore (hand being liberated from wrist), but you barely get to see the pigs, let alone witness them doing their alleged flesh feeding frenzy. In all, a trough of low-budget slop.

One Response to “Horror Pig-Out”

  1. Is the “Katherine Ross” listed on the movie poster “THE” Katherine Ross?

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