Four-Legged Shark Attack

Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack

Gosh double darn dang it – Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack, releasing August 2012, is not a real person monster movie, but an anime. I hate those things. Giant cartoon sharks eating people needs to be real and not drawn with e-pencils or digital crayons. This double sucks as the plot sounds awesome…

“A devastating, disgusting ‘Death Stench’ is spreading across Japan, creating deadly mutant fish as it covers the land! The country is being invaded by ferocious fish with sharp metal legs, hell-bent on death and destruction!”

I ask you, what sentence doesn’t spring to life with the words “death stench” in it?

So four legged killer sharks and machine driven squid. Had this been a real movie I would have given them all my money. But I won’t give any more than my two cents worth for a friggin’ cartoon.

Note to filmmakers: Make Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack a real movie and I will give you all my money.

One Response to “Four-Legged Shark Attack”

  1. mrjustinsdavis Says:

    This could be The Greatest Movie Of All Time.

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