Hippie Lake Monster

The Crater Lake Monster

If it weren’t for that meteor that crashed into Oregon’s fabled Crater Lake and heated up the water enough to incubate and hatch that dinosaur egg in the lake’s muddy bottom, then we wouldn’t have had a plausible plot device for a 60-foot extinct Plesiosaur to rise up and eat people.

The Crater Lake Monster

To accommodate its growing spurt, the beast feeds verily upon the lake’s groceries: fish, clams, boaters. Food supply exhausted and no Hot Pockets™ floating around nearby, the monster ventures topside to gulp down a few cows, which are indigenous to that Pacific Northwest region.

The Crater Lake Monster

Most of The Crater Lake Monster’s (1977) running time is designed to get people into the water for a little plop-plop, fizz-fizz. There’s even a liquor store robber who, after being chased into the lake by the sheriff, ends up as dino-poo. The plan to get rid of Cratey is simple – lure the beast out in the open, then ram it with a front loader. Throw in a couple of comic-relief hippie hillbillies and you got yourself a nice little time waster.

The Crater Lake Monster

The lake monster, even though it’s one of those stop-motion dealies, is pretty cool, although I’ve never understood why aquatic creatures need vocal chords. Then again, I don’t know why hillbillies and hippies all seem to want to live in Oregon. Must be because they have liquor stores and pot supermarkets on every street corner.

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