Demon Seed

Demon Seed

Another vintage super computer-gone wild movie from the Seventies, Demon Seed (based on the Dean R. Koontz book of the same name) makes the logical connection of the pornographic relationship between man (or in this case, woman) and silicon (chips).

A super smarty scientist installs a super smarty computer with artificial intelligence to automate his home. Proteus IV, the machine, can run your bath at just the right temperature, make your dinner, take out the trash, cut off a head, and get you another robo-beer from the robo-fridge.

Demon Seed

But Proteus has been watching Mrs. Scientist Wife and has logically calculates that bare boobies are a good thing. He asks her lots of questions about life and creation and boobies (they’re all tied in) and comes to the conclusion he/it desires a child.

There aren’t any happening female computers around so Proteus electronically seals the doors, windows and fridge so he won’t be disturbed when he, um, uploads his hard drive into the wife’s software. She doesn’t like this plan as the computer’s idea of safe sex is turning off the circuit breaker.

Demon Seed

The scene where the computer knocks processors with her is the stuff they write future books about. Yes, she gets pregnant(!) and yes, Proteus is a stand-up computer and is OK with the whole child support deal. But when the kid is born…well, you gotta see it to believe it. (I love saying that.)

Demon Seed

Demon Seed has groovy folding metal robot special effects and taboo subject matter for a movie made in 1977. I wish I was a super computer in the Seventies, what with all those liberating “free processing” attitudes and experimentation.

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