A Poor Man’s King Kong

The Mighty Gorga

Don’t invite King Kong over to your house to watch The Mighty Gorga (1969) as he’ll be extreme pissed at seeing himself re-cast as a costumed gorilla with a plastic face, to say nothing of the tagline: “The Greatest Horror Monster Alive.” (Legally, they could claim that at the time; most giant horror monsters were killed or died in half in the line of duty, their leftover fur being used to make blankets, bathroom rugs and evening wear.)

The Mighty Gorga

Mark Remmington, broke circus owner, needs to capture Gorga, the other mythical giant ape, in order to exploit for profit and an economic boost in cotton candy sales. Looking to hook up with Tonga Jack (man, that sounded weird), Mark discovers Tonga has been missing during a safari and is presumed killed by a giant gorilla, and that the animal compound is run by his beautiful daughter. You could say she’s the “gorilla my dreams.” (I never get tired of using that joke.)

The Mighty Gorga

They team up to capture Gorga, but are almost derailed by a dinosaur attack. (Actually, it’s a plastic toy someone is waving around. Still pretty dangerous, though; Gorga could choke on that thing.) Gorga, thinking this is being rude to the jungle visitors, leaps out of the woods and gives the dinosaur some “dino-sores.” Heh. (I’m surprised Gorga even saw the prehistoric reptile, as he appears to be severely cross-eyed. And where are you gonna find an optometrist in an African jungle at this hour?)

The Mighty Gorga

To distract you from the fighting toys, Morgan, a rival trapper with criminal intentions, shows up to stop Mark and April from catching Gorga before he does. Does Morgan succeed? I rooted for him. No one else did, though. Toy dinosaurs (with perfect teeth) and one of the all-time worst giant gorillas to ever stink up the jungle, The Mighty Gorga is so stunningly bad, it might very well be the Citizen Kane (1941) of crap.

One Response to “A Poor Man’s King Kong”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Fuck that gorilla for what he did to that dinosaur! I wish that reptile bit ofof his hands and arms before finishin’ off the rest o’ his damn body like I wish that T. Rex King Kong killed to do to that other gigantic ape.

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