Spanish Bigfoot

The Woodsman

A real outdoorsman with an idea to make a found footage Bigfoot movie. I know there are lots of people out there who like these crappily made-on-the-cheap hand-held camera movies. I am not one of them. You have to sit through a bunch of jittery camera work, a bunch of screaming, and a “something” causing the screaming, just to be let down in the end. I only know of one such movie as this that didn’t wreck my life: Cloverfield (2008).

So now we get The Woodsman, with Mauro Bosque, an adventurer/survivalist with a video camera, exploring the caves of Belize (that over-priced tourist destination), where it is thought that a bunch of Mayan warriors used to shack up there. (Judging by all the empty ancient beer cans laying around, all signs point to yes.)

The Woodsman

Like all experienced survivalists, Mauro gets lost and ends up on the wrong side of town…where Bigfoot lives. Bigfoot no like people with cameras. And as Mauro records his quest for Hombre Y Tierra (Earth Dude), his Internet-based reality show, he gets the pant-filling time of his life.

The trailer has a lot of Mauro shaking and making white knuckle pee shiver expressions into the camera as rocks come flying out of nowhere, his tent being shaken and a growling shadowy something. Yep, it’s The Hair Witch Project.

I hope Bigfoot craps in that wimp’s sleeping bag.

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