Space Wangs

The Arrival of Wang

The Arrival of Wang. I could’ve sworn that was the title of an adult movie I saw on PPV at a Bakersfield Motel 6™. Turns out it’s an Italian sci-fi movie with a space visitor calling himself Wang. (Good move – King Dong was already taken.)

So an Italian chick interpreter is bribed with big lira to use her Chinese(!) language skills on a top secret dealie in Rome. So far, so good. Until she discovers she has to try and communicate with an extraterrestrial being held in custody. Turns out Chinese is the preferred language of intergalactic travelers. I don’t know why, but this makes sense.

The Arrival of Wang

So what this chick interprets will not only screw up the big money being offered, but the future of Earth as well. I could care less about Earth, but I wanna know if she’ll do hold out for the fun coupons. She’d be a totally wang if she didn’t. In my book.

The Arrival of Wang

The Arrival of Wang does so in September. All you need to know is that he has a cool UFO, is reptile-y, and has octopus appendages. This means Wang can scratch his wang, pick his nose, text, and wave to victims all at the same time. Truly, an advanced species.

I totally heart Wang. OK, in America that sounds wrong. But in space, it would make sense.

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  1. This film sounds great!

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