Ghost Chicks

I'm A Ghost

Two independent girl-fronted ghost movies coming out about the same time. What are the odds? A lot, I would gasp at a crowded party. Then I would act shocked and slowly make my way toward the snacks. (God, I hope they have Cheez Whiz™ – that sh*t is yellow crack. I could spray it on your occasional pillows and then eat your occasional pillows, that’s how good it is.)

The first said spooktacular (heh) movie is called I Am A Ghost, and revolves around a chick/girl who may or may not be a ghost. I think she is, ergo the movie’s title. It’s based on the premise that “hauntings could possibly be nothing more than imprints in time, like fingerprints or scents.” (Ghost farts – heh.) As the filmmaker says, “It became an idea of a movie that wandered throughout a house following a ghost through the chick/girl’s memories.” I hope there’s more to it than that. Like panned shots of a room that has a platter of crackers and Cheez-Whiz™… Sorry.


The other polter-chick movie is Ghosted, a well-titled flick about a young gal who keeps dying (they don’t say how – probably from imitation petroleum-based cheese by-products), and then keeps coming back to life a few days later. Plenty of time to ransack her cupboards before she shows up and scares the Whiz outta you.

I don’t know when either scare-a-thon arrives for your viewing pleasure (guessing this year), so instead I’m going shopping for supplies in case someone invites me to their box social. It’s very ghost, uh, gauche to show up empty-handed. Unless you’re a ghost. Then both your hands are empty. Heh.

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