Seance: Calling All Demons

Seance: The Summoning

Kids today, with their break dancing, hip-hopping and energy drinks… Pffft – in my day we held seances for fun. And it was wholesome fun, too. Nothing like talking with the dead to entertain the troops. And Seance: The Summoning, a new horror-esque thriller coming out on DVD sometime only the departed could divine, looks to bring back some sweet ass childhood memories.

So four college “kids” hold a seance in a city morgue and videotape it. Know what happens next? A demon pops up. And as we all know when dealing with demons, there is no escape. Best to just accept your fate and roll with it.

Seance: The SummoningA few more details:

“When Joey (college kid #1) accuses Eva (a fraud medium) of being a fraud medium, she makes a bet that she can prove her ability to talk to the spirit world. Marcus (college kid #2) takes them to the city morgue, where he works, and decides to document the event for his thesis film, while Sara (college kid #3) tags along as Eva’s witness.”

“While setting up for the seance, Eva senses a dark spirit trying to break into our world. She tries to call it off, but Joey provokes her into continuing and the demon seizes his moment. Ancient, wise and bloodthirsty, he is a master manipulator and takes over Joey’s body, uncovering the dark secrets about his friends and turning them against each other. Their worse nightmare has just begun.”

Sounds like Wishmaster (1997), but with different college kids.

Seance: The Summoning

Holding a seance is not like summoning the beyond with a Ouija™ board, which is like texting the dead. A seance doesn’t require spelling skills. That, and you can’t push the little plastic gateway to evil around the damning field, which you just know someone is doing since there are multiple dirty fingers on the unholy game piece dictating answers from the Other Side. Nope, you gotta totally be in the moment for a seance, which involves low lighting, an easily blown out candle, a dark and stormy night, holding hands (yes, even two dudes), and trying to figure out what to do with whom/whatever you bring across the veil.

Or you could just get drunk and play Demon Titty Twister. Fun, but your soul will be in a lotta pain if you lose.

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