Pulp Science Fiction

Timothy Anderson/Alien

While researching the latest advancements in bikini technology…I mean underground art, I happened across the illustrations of Timothy Anderson, a guy whose Earth-bound name disguises an otherworldly talent. A concept artist calling Salt Lake City, UT his home (isn’t that the place of the Mormon infestation?), not much else is publicly known about this low-key and yet fantastically talented craftsman.

Anderson’s latest pieces are the imagineering of several sci-fi classics reinterpreted as pulp novel covers, such as Alien, Blade Runner and The Matrix. In case you’ve never seen – much less heard – of these iconic movies (what, you live under a rock or something?), here’s a primer…

ALIEN (1979)
A blue collar mining ship picks up a gnarly case of space herpes in the form of a nearly indestructible alien that has a mouth inside its mouth. Guess what the alien puts in its mouth(s)?

Timothy Anderson/Blade Runner

Detective film noir set in 2019, the highly polluted future. (Told’ja global warming was slightly more fact than fiction.) A cop is forced out of retirement to hunt down replicants (fake humans) to keep them from getting on the welfare system. His job is to shoot them in the artificial face. Too bad one of ’em looks like a supermodel and he’s compelled to make out with her artificial face.

Tim Anderson/The Matrix

A computer whiz is sucked into a digital world where he has to do battle (to the death, of course) with an imperialistic program hell bent on deleting the mainframe world of L’users. Oops – sorry…that was the plot of Tron (1982).

At any rate, check out Tim’s mind-melding art by clicking HERE.

3 Responses to “Pulp Science Fiction”

  1. Reblogged this on CJMoseley.com and commented:
    Some great artwork… Reimagining films as pulp sci-fi books…

  2. Tim was a student of mine a few years back at Art Center, good guy, and he is Mormon so SLC is a good place for him and his family

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