Superman – 100 Years Old


Superman, an extraterrestrial from a distant planet (and currently a bona fide taxpayer of Earth), is arguably science fiction’s greatest icon, Godzilla and Flipper notwithstanding. So it makes perfect sense that some sort of acknowledgement of Superman’s contributions to crime-prevention and costume parties be put forth for publicness and stuff. Hence, the Adventures of Superman historical marker/plaque project.

As first reported by Armand Vaquer over at the way cool Monster Island News, “Plans are taking shape to celebrate the 100th anniversary of George Reeves’ birth in 2014 and part of the celebration is to dedicate a plaque at the spot of a location shoot for the 1953 episode, “The Man Who Could Read Minds.” (Note in case you’re from another planet: George Reeves portrayed Superman on TV.)


Screw a statue that Earth pigeons would probably just crap on, this is a plaque! You won’t see so much as a diving bell dedicated to Aquaman or a photo booth commemorating Hawkman. This is Super F’n Man, man – he deserves only the best.

The plaque dedication will take place in August 2014 on Reeves/Superman’s property in Tarzana, California. (I know what you’re thinking – doesn’t Superman have a secondary residence called the Fortress of Solitude? From Superman’s diary: “The Fortress of Solitude is the occasional headquarters of Superman in DC Comics. Its predecessor, Superman’s “Secret Citadel”, first appeared in Superman #17, where it was said to be built into a mountain on the outskirts of Metropolis. By issue #58 (May-June 1949) it is referred to as the Fortress of Solitude and said to be located in a “polar waste.” However, the Fortress does not actually make an on-stage appearance until the story “The Super-Key to Fort Superman”, published in Action Comics #241 (June 1958).

Super dweeb Jimmy Olsen (played by Jack Larson) will be on hand for the ceremony that I have as yet not been invited to.


Sure, we could’ve built him a tribute park or a christened a dock at the marina in his honor, but Superman wouldn’t have liked all this fuss. He’s as low key as they come. As such, the only ego-driven past time he indulged in was deflecting bullets with his face, toying with Lois Lane’s affections and roasting criminals with his heat vision, any activity of which would earn him a plaque a dozen times over.

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