A Monster Never Before Seen


Creepy Crawly

In the upcoming Creepy Crawly, an indie short horror flick-o-rama, there’s a family that lives on a rural farm. Not sure if old MacDonald is somehow related. Seems like he could be, what with that hit song of his ’n stuff. The family probably grows bacon, hamburgers, hot dogs and all the other important food groups. But what they are soon to find out is that they beleaguered by a “creepy, bloodthirsty creature never seen before by human eyes.”

Creepy Crawly

Theories abound – could the bloodthirsty creature be a country Chupacabra? If it was a farm in Mexico, maybe. The movie’s title might be a clue; if you’re taking a swing at it, go for some sort of snake-y/spider-y thing with red icky bumps on its face and death flaps hanging off its neck or something. Then again, the creature could be an inside out cow. (My instincts tell me I may be right about this one.)

Whatever it is, I’m sold. If this thing has never been seen before, then I HAVE TO SEE IT. I don’t know why, I just do.

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