Chinese Witches ’n Monthly Curses

The Cases

His name may just be typical in China, but Edmond Poon might have a tougher go of it on the school yards of America. Ed’s a renowned Hong Kong DJ and not a porn star. Too bad – with a name like that… Ed’s radio show deals with psychic things and the otherworld, topics including soul-grabbing witchcraft, menstruation witchcraft, suicide curses... All the stuff designed to generate super fun happy ratings.

Assisting Poon (heh) is a group of paranormal investigators who travel all over Asia looking for ghost stuff and unexplained bloody happenings. And guess what – they always strike pay dirt. How convenient.

The CasesThe movie during which this all takes place is called The Cases (boring title), and debuted in China on May 31, 2012. Just so you’re forewarned, The Cases is one ’o those  hand-cam film jobs, on the off-chance you’re headed to Hong Kong to catch some matinee Poon. (It’s cheaper than if you went to an evening show. Less crowded, too.)

Don’t know much else about the plot other than the movie also includes metaphysical masters and warlocks. Oh, and it was given a Category III rating, meaning that it doesn’t hold back on the pant-staining gore.

A final thought: I do not, in this lifetime or the next, wish to know what menstruation witchcraft is. I have about 150 jokes about it, though.

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