120 Hours of Purgatory


The plot for Contrition (sorrow for and detestation of sin with a true purpose of amendment), a long-overdue indie psychological thriller (i.e., horror headache) with religious overtones, gets right to the point: “An average man lives the same day over and over again, which inadvertently ends up with the same result…death!”

Replace death with boredom and it’s a movie about me!

While the plot has been ironically plotted time and time again (it was even an X-Files installment/Season 6, Episode 14, “Monday”/1999), Contrition throws down the sales pitch: “120 hours of Purgatory…in one day.” They have my attention.


So this guy who looks the polar opposite of Brad Pitt is caught in this sin loop, which has someone dying over and over again. Can’t tell if it’s his wife or the secretary he’s been giving dictation to on the side. (And back. And front.)

Of course it all has to be about something bad. We never get to see a guy going out and getting supremely wasted at a bar, then scoring a hot chick who presents her supermodel boobs to him, and later, after turning the mattress into Sponge Bob Square Pants with all the swapped body fluids, finds a winning Lotto™ ticket on his neighbor’s freshly-mown lawn as he walks her out to the bus stop so she can get a ride home.

Then again, the movie isn’t out yet (arriving summer of 2012, crossing fingers), so maybe all that stuff does happen. If so, I heartily proclaim Contrition to be the blockbuster must-see hit of the summer.

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