Devilishly Evil

Fever Night

Satan has to be jumping up and down with happy glee, what with the May 15, 2012 DVD/VOD release of Fever Night (aka, Band of Satanic Outsiders). Assembly line zombies and emo vampires have been stealing Evil D’s thunder for some time now, not to mention falling prey to false advertising. (i.e., I Saw The Devil/2010 – fantastic movie, but it used the devil as a metaphor for the socially unbecoming behavior that men do. Not even a cameo for you-know-who.)

But it’s back in the saddle for evil as Fever Night puts it on the pulpit, and is described as being “super bizarre” and “socially unbecoming.” Now Christians can rekindle their one punch line smear campaign against the Hell’s Grand Marshall.

Fever Night

As cool as it sounds, though, both titles don’t work. Fever Night is something you’d name a disco movie where everyone wears roller skates and fuschia spandex. And Band of Satanic Outsiders is clunky and non-marketable to Christians. Why they didn’t call it Unpleasantville is something I’ll never be able to comprehend.

That said, Fever Night brings together three twenty-something satanists (two dudes, one hellishly attractive chick) who get together in the woods to perform an unpleasant ritual. This ends in horrifying repercussions. (Their words, not mine. I would’ve said “horrifying results.”) Then two of the demon worshippers run over their friend with a car. Hard to fix that kind of flat. So off they go into the black woods to get help, and happen to bump into the horrifying results of their little conjuring party. All of a sudden, being crushed by a car doesn’t seem so bad right about now.

Fever Night

So welcome back, Lord of Dark Stuff. Things were pretty boring while you were gone. Now if you could just take care of those Guess Jeans™ vampires and cookie-cutter zombies, you might just end up with a few more Facebook™ likes.

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