Beyond The Grave

Beyond The Grave

There’s not much to see beyond the grave. There are no shiny angels floating around, no rent-free condos made of gold, no strippers that will give you lap dances for all eternity. Nope, the only thing beyond the grave is just dirt. And not Hollywood dirt, either. More like Home Depot™ potting soil with, I don’t know, spit in it.

Beyond The Grave

So yeah, nothing much to do after you become after. Unless you consider Beyond The Grave, a Brazilian-made horror story about a vengeful polícia officer who pursues a supernatural serial killer after the world ends. Or something like that. And with zombies, magic, samurai swords, and strippers who give you lap dances for all eternity (OK, not that one), life beyond the grave just got a lot more interesting.

Beyond The Grave

The film’s website describes Beyond the Grave as an art-house mixture of road movie, spaghetti western and different horror sub-genres such as zombie and black magic. They had me at art house. Viewing the trailer, it’s clear that a.) Beyond The Grave bends the rules as much as it bends reality, and b.) sub-titles are really hard to read without moving your lips.

Beyond The Grave

Beyond the Grave is due out something this year. (2012, in case you’re reading this from the future. Or beyond the grave.)

P.S. Hey film studio – re-do your boring and craptacular advertising poster. It looks like I did it.

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