Bodies Gone Wrong

Errors of the Human Body

Without errors of the human body, we wouldn’t have horror and sci-fi films. Or awesome bathroom humor. Everything from reanimating the dead and biogenetics gone wrong, to reconfigured life forms and uncontrollable farting during church/family reunions/third base dates, life would be pretty darn boring without DNA FAILS and/or perfectly timed body “errors.”

And that’s the name of the new sci-fi thriller. (Errors of the Human Body, in case you need a reminder.) Still in production as of this word barfing, EotHB is about a Canadian scientist working within the fun and exciting field of genetic engineering in order to redeem himself from a personal tragedy that befell him some years ago. (My theory: the bathroom the morning after a Cheetos™ and beer bong marathon.)

The trailer doesn’t give additional clues as to what the haunted Dr. Geoff Burton is hoping to achieve through the miracle of test tubes, microscopes, cherry-flavored chemicals and testing on street bums. Whatever it is, though, once it gets inside your body, it makes you extremely mad. (My theory: non-alcoholic beer.)

Errors of the Human Body. I’m doing that as we speak. You may not want to go in the bathroom after me for a while. Unless you have a scented candle in your pocket.

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