Comparing Ghosts

Dream House/Sleepwalker in 3D

You know how socially embarrassing it is when you show up at a party and someone is wearing the same ensemble as you? That happens to me every time I step out in my stylish black leather jacket. (Those darn motorcycle gangs – why can’t they wear something else, like a nice cardigan or a sassy turtleneck in seasonal colors?)

The reason I bring this up is the one-sheets for the horror-esque Dream House (2011) and the Asian spooker Sleepwalker in 3D (2011) are dressed practically the same way.

How embarrassing.

So which movie came out first? If you believe everything you read on Wikipedia™ (and why wouldn’t you?), Dream House, starring James Bond and Rachel Weisz, came out on September 30, 2011. Sleepwalker in 3D premiered at the Tokyo International Film Festival on October, 27, 2011 (I wasn’t there), then worldwide on November 3, 2011.

So does that mean Sleepwalker in 3D stole/ripped off Dream House’s “blending into the floral wallpaper” creative materials? I say yes. It’s almost identical, which leads me to believe it wasn’t just a coincidence. Therefore I conclude that Sleepwalker in 3D is guilty of artistic theft and should be punished in the face somehow.

And motorcycle gangs should be punished for stealing my look as well. They need to be taught a lesson. I’ll leave it up to you to take care of that for me.

P.S. I’ll avenge your death.

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