Fireman: It Needs Cash To Burn


In 2011, the film studio Astron-6 (I thought that was a small brown planet circling Uranus) released Father’s Day, a feel-good horror movie about a rapist who goes around raping fathers. Ick. It ends with one of the victims seeking revenge. (I bet that was on the top of his “to do” list.)

Now Astron-6 is looking to release a movie sized version of their horror film short, Fireman. And they need your financial help. Before you stick your hand back in your pants, here’s what the film is about: “Red Coleman was a hero, a fireman and a father, until a gang of ruthless pyromaniacs killed him and his family. Now he’s back and he has a thirst for REVENGE!”

OK, so no points for plot originality. But hey, it sounds easier to watch than dads involuntarily taking it in the man cave.


Their mission statement: “A feature-length version of our award-winning short Fireman is ready to go. Astron-6 want desperately to make another film as fun and insane as Father’s Day, if not more so, but we need your help. Cast and crew need to be paid (minimally). We want to bring you another mindf*ck of a movie – we just need food and shelter.”


Their financial goal: $155,000.00. (Yeesh – food and shelter ain’t cheap, these days.) As mentioned, you can help them reach their goal by pledging your extra pocket liners on their page. [click HERE]


In case you were wondering, Fireman is being filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. (Which one is it? Pick a lane and drive in it. Geez.) So if you have a spare $155,000 not earmarked for your own food and shelter, just remember, sharing is caring. Just be thankful they’re not using it to make a sequel to Father’s Day, which, if they did, might be called Father’s Day II: Double Occupancy. That’d be especially hard to take sitting down.

OK, I’ll stop before someone makes me.

2 Responses to “Fireman: It Needs Cash To Burn”

  1. I got to see a screening of Father’s Day a few months back hosted by none other than Uncle Lloyd Kaufman himself. It makes me want to take a shower just saying it, but I really enjoyed that movie about the satanic dad-rapist.

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