The Corridor: Snow-Covered Horror

The Corridor

There are a ton of books and movies with the word “corridor”in the title, some good, some filled with dumb-assery. The latest one to use this well-worn word (doesn’t anyone use “ingress” anymore?), is The Corridor, a Canadian dude-cast sci-fi flick scheduled for public scrutiny on March 30th, 2012, by IFC Films.

The Corridor

Having only read the description and viewed the trailer, The Corridor seems to frame the story ala Dreamcatcher (2003), in which five high school buddies reunite after 10 years to spend the weekend in a cabin in the snowy mountain woods. (Snow rocks.) Little did they know, the cabin is on top of…BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN! (Not really, but it’d kinda change the gist of the film a bit. The rating, too.)

The CorridorWhile up there, um, bonding, they discover a ghostly “corridor” deep in the woods. It kinda looks glassy and somewhat wavy as to indicate spookiness. In effect, a ghost ingress. Entering it unleashes madness, hurt feelings, bloody noses and all around general un-bonding. But in a FAIL by the producers, they gave away The Corridor’s ending in the description: “It will lead these five men into fear, into betrayal and into the biggest change of them all: by weekend’s finish…they’ll be dead.”

Well, crap. If they’re all gonna end up dead, what’s the point of watching the movie? Geez, what a rip-off. Next thing you know, they’ll be telling me what I’m getting for Christmas. (It better be a pony…KEG. Ha!)

My Little Pony Keg

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