The Aging Face of Horror

Old Horror

We know horror is timeless, but is it ageless? What happens when the spotlight dims, the crowd roar dies off and the inescapable reality of getting older sets in? This is the subject of the killer photography of Federico Chiesa and his project “Horror Vacui” (Latin for “fear of empty space”).

Old Horror

It’s one thing to maintain your looks with human Botox™, like Dracula does. (Drac, like some sort of supernatural supermodel, refuses to grow old gracefully.) But if you didn’t invest well in your salad days, a once-fearsome slasher, now a senior citizen, is reduced to living on the street or in a flop house, or relegated to an old creatures home with neighbors who smell like mold. And this is where Federico’s photos kick ass, by bringing much-needed attention to the plight of the forgotten and low-to-no income homeless monsters.

Old Horror

Halloween’s Michael Myers using a walker; the dead Shining twins using food stamps to buy groceries; Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees living on the street with no machete to call his own. It breaks your heart. Much like circus performers past their prime, these photos of mass murders and ghosts shows the less glamorous side of growing old and not having a stage with which to shine.

Old HorrorKinda makes you think twice about putting enough away for a dark and stormy night. Check out more of Federico’s amazing work by clicking HERE. And please continue to support AARK [American Association of Retired Killers].

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