One More Road For The Road

The Road

It’s hard to run over ghosts with your car. They just stand there gooning you out with their ghostly facial expressions and your car, with foot on the gas, goes right though ’em. Very frustrating.

In The Road, a Philippine horror movie arriving May 11, 2012, three teens that went missing on an abandoned road also tried running over a ghost. They never came back. Either they’re now ghosts themselves or in jail for attempted polter-murder. I know that sounds redundant. I’m not that stupid.

The Road

It was 12 years ago the teens disappeared. (I bet they’re at a mall somewhere.) During the course of the way late investigation (you waited 12 years why?), stories of abduction and gruesome murders surface. Now someone has to drive out to the haunted road and solve the case. What a waste of taxpayer money. They’re gone. Let’s move on already.

The Road

The Road (with a backward “R”) was written and directed by Filipino director Yam Laranas. (I bet his parents didn’t realize until it was too late that they had named their son after a sweet potato.)

Sigaw/The Echo

Yam is also the filmmaker behind another ghostly flick, Sigaw (2004) and the American market version retitled to The Echo. Sigaw translates to “shout.” This explains why the lyrics in the Asian version of  “Shout,” the 1984 hit Tears For Fears song, read “Sigaw, sigaw, let it all out…” (Sorry – I’m on a lot of Nyquil™ right now. Not sick, just needing to cleanse my palate after a week of binge drinking.)

Expect The Road to have some nice twists (Yam’s trademark) and a few ghost-y moments. It’s more of a cerebral experience, though, than a “crap your pants” spookfest. Foreign ghosts rarely rip your head off and feast on your neck stump, whereas it’s a rule that neck stump feasting be in all American ghost movies.

Sorry – Nyquil™ not only tastes delicious, it makes your brain all gooey.

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