Ghosts In Your Freakin’ Head

Lovely Molly

Darkness and depravity. Two words that go together like peanut butter and jelly. And when applied to the description of a horror movie, just as tasty. The dark and depraved Lovely Molly (releasing 2012), a feel-good story of nightmares, malevolent forces and psychosis, appears to be all that and more.

Lovely Molly

Here’s how the feelings unfold: the just-wedded Molly Reynolds has worse things to deal with other than being married. She shows up at her childhood home, now abandoned, and remembers horrific nightmares she had there as a kid. (Note to homeless hippies: this house is haunted by evil. Feel free to squat there. Heck, I’ll even buy your bus ticket to drive you to the doorstep.)

Lovely Molly

Just being in the house lifts up those rocks in her head, exposing all the dark icky stuff underneath, like the aforementioned malevolent force that “tirelessly seeks to overwhelm her.” (She must drink a lot of beer like me.) What follows is a physical and mental assault by this supernatural thingamajig and possession, which spurs a deep, dark infidelity within her.

Dark infidelity. Two more words that just belong together.

Lovely MollyI should like to drink beer with Molly and see if the promised depravity is real or just in her head, and if she’s open to some third date therapy.

Lovely Molly was made by the creators of The Blair Witch Project (1999). Don’t hold that against Molly. You know the BWP sucked, so don’t give me that e-look.

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