Lovecraft In Your Fridge

Cool Air

Immortality is a sexy b*tch. Which is why Dr. Muñoz, a scientist, not a wizard nor butt physician, has been fine-tuning his bid to live forever. In the upcoming 2012 movie Cool Air, an H.P. Lovecraft story adaptation, the single-minded doc has been using his NY apartment to conduct life-mocking experiments, which if done by the good book, will give him the gift of non-stop breathing. If he’s successful (and experimental doctors/scientists usually are), he’ll need to upgrade his pants as the times dictate.

Set in 1923, the doctor has the temperature in his chill pad (a NY brownstone) set at 56 degrees. I took the next sentence from Wikipedia™ so I wouldn’t have to write it: “Using an ammonia-based refrigeration system, the pumps are driven by a gasoline engine. As time goes on, the doctor’s health declines and his behavior becomes increasingly eccentric. The cooling system is continuously upgraded, to the point where some areas are at sub-freezing temperatures – until one night when the pump breaks down.”

It gets better – the doc becomes increasingly frantic to stay cold, and has a neighbor put him in a bathtub filled with ice. (Why didn’t he call Mr. Freeze? He could’ve… Oh, wait; Mr. Freeze wasn’t around in 1923. Sorry. I thought I had the solution. I did not.) So after the neighbor gets back from the store on an ice run, he arrives to find the doctor melting like a fudgesicle in a men-only bathhouse. The kicker: Dr. Muñoz has been dead for nearly 20 years. WTF?!? Until the air-conditioning went on the blink, the frozen pop doc had beaten biology and lived well past his freshness-expiration date. Cool – literally.

Cool Air, Chill

There were other interpretations of Lovecraft’s chilling (heh) story, including the similarly titled Cool Air released in 1999 (shot in black and white so as to imply authenticness as life in 1923 was in black and white until color was invented a few years later). Then there was the Lovecraft-inspired Chill in 2007, starring Ashley Laurence, who first lit up my life as Kirsty in 1987’s Hellraiser.

Ashley’s so hot, I’m surprised they used her. That’s pretty funny when you think about it.

Ashley Laurence

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