House of Ghosts

House of Ghosts

An unholy machine opens a portal to the Land of the Dead. That it looks like a transparent bowling ball with electric bees in it makes it no less sacrilegious. What’s on the other side? Evil stuff, I guess. I have yet to see House of Ghosts, the latest Christopher R. Mihm film, that features said bowling ball and, if there’s truth in advertising, a house with ghosts in it.

House of Ghosts debuts May 23, 2012 and is an homage to b-movie horror classics as House on Haunted Hill (1959) and The Tingler (1959). My refrigerator is an homage to classic horror movies. In fact, it could very well be the unholy machine that opens into the Land of the Dead: freshness-expired broccoli, curdled potato salad, once green/now brown head of lettuce. Someone really needs to clean that thing out.

House of Ghosts

In House of Ghosts, some one-percenter socialites throw an invite-only dinner party, with entertainment provided by a spiritual medium who promises to “open a portal to the great beyond” and allow the couple’s equally eccentric guests to contact the “afterworld.” (I totally copied that part off the movie’s website.) There’s a caveat – open the door and deal with whatever pops out. (Sounds like my pants.) The portal is breached and evil leaks out into the house, the guests of which are now trapped inside as there’s a perfectly-timed storm outside. Anyone not ghosted to death will now be referred to as leftovers.

House of Ghosts

Filmmaker Christopher R. Mihm is consistently prolific, cranking out a ’50s sci-fi/horror movie tribute every year since 2006: Attack of the Moon Zombies (2011), Destination: Outer Space (2010), Terror From Beneath The Earth (2009), Cave Women on Mars (2008), It Came From Another World! (2007), The Monster of Phantom Lake (2006).

Mr. Mihm should do a movie about my refrigerator – it’s an homage to food leftover from the ’50s.

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  2. I heartily applaud your use of decrepit food in your fridge as inspiration for drive-in fodder. I also applaud your choice in blogging subject matter. The fact that I’ve starred/acted/performed/been trapped in several of Mihm’s movies notwithstanding, the man rocks! Thanks for bringing his work to the attention of the blog-reading world!

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