Axe Murdering – A Dying Genre

Madison CountyIf you were out in the woods hunting the elusive pine cone, playing squirrel toss or just looking for a place to get away from zombies, and saw a guy with a raw pig head and a bloody axe headed in your general direction, would you not crap your pants sideways? At least with your shorts brimming with fear solids, bears and chupacabras would stay the hell away from you.

Madison CountyDamien Ewell is the pig-headed axe murderer featured in the new horror slasher movie, Madison County. (Disclaimer: The similarly-titled romantic chick flick The Bridges of Madison County/1995 does not have an axe murderer in it, another reason why that movie licked bag.)

Madison County is a remote mountain town where grisly murders were commonplace twenty years ago. A gaggle of college twerps go to Madison to interview an author of a book that detailed this tourism-killing killing spree. And here’s where the horror begins: the author is nowhere to be found! My tummy is starting to knot up. Then the citizens of Madison County categorically deny that Damien Ewell, the notorious murderer, ever existed and that the murders never happened. I almost can’t go on.

Madison CountySo as the college twerps put on their Scooby Doo™ C.S.I. hats and dig for answers, they discover the townsfolk were LYING to them and that Damien is quite real. (There’s the real horror – people shouldn’t lie. It’s just not right.)

Madison County hits the DVD shelves on May 8, 2012. Hopefully it’ll have some graphic axe murdering to distract you from all that stomach-turning LYING.

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