[Rec] 3: Genesis – Newlywed Zombies

[Rec] 3The two happiest days in boat owner’s life is the day he buys the boat, and the day he sells it. The same can be said about getting married. More so, if you factor in zombies. (Alright, who’s in charge of the guest list?)

In [Rec] 3: Genesis, the second sequel in the popular Spanish zombie franchise, that wacky highly-contagious virus turns everyone from snot-dripping, runny-eyed slobber-flinging wedding guests into snot-dripping, runny-eyed slobber-flinging zombie wedding guests. It doesn’t need to be said, but here goes the tux rental damage deposit fee.

[Rec] 3Koldo and Clara are getting married. Apparently, marring a guy with a weirdo name wasn’t a factor for Clara. No one chumps their vows, the caterer has yet to run out of shrimp cocktails, and invited relatives haven’t turned into zombies yet. Then some of the guests start getting sick (probably freshness-expired shrimp). If you’ve seen the first two [Rec] movies, you know that Koldo and Clara’s happiest day is about to turn into the worst day of whatever life they have left.

[Rec] 3[Rec] 3: Genesis’ website describes this nightmare as an “uncontrollable torrent of violence.” They had me at shrimp cocktails. And to really ramp up the drama, Koldo and Carla get separated and THEY CAN’T FIND EACH OTHER. My guess is that Koldo ducked out to go have his name changed.

The [Rec] franchise is a believable spin on the undead methodology, with a flu-like contagion transmuting anyone who breathes it or gets bitten by an animal (like a doggy or a rat) into a highly aggressive mad-as-heck zombie. You run really fast, you growl like a bear with inflamed hemorrhoids and you tear into flesh like complimentary shrimp cocktails with extra dipping sauce.

[Rec] 3I’m not a big fan of more zombie movies, but I do like going to weddings. Besides free booze, food and cake so sweet it’ll turn you into a sugar zombie, you get to see people at their happiest before becoming one of the undead, or as I like to call it, being married.

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