Frost: Death By Snow

FrostIf you’re shooting a horror film in Iceland, it makes sense to call your movie, Frost. While Blood Snow, Kill-O-Thermia, or Ice, Dice ’n Slice might be more marketable, Frost, even as holiday-esque as it sounds, will suffice.

FrostSet on a glacier or something that looks like a city-sized block of ice, Frost is horror/sci-fi thriller involving a gainfully employed young couple (one’s a physiologist, the other a filmmaker – guess which one brings home the snow cones?) who “wake up at a glacier drilling camp, only to find the camp mysteriously abandoned and their coworkers gone.”

FrostSeveral theories: They’re all partying over at Abominable Snowman’s cave rave ($20 at the door, free glow-sticks), they formed their own Shackleton Expedition and got stranded on an ice flow (and won’t be rescued for four years), or they were eaten by a Wampa (flesh-eating ice beast, Empire Strikes Back/1980…you may have heard about it.) Regardless, the couple soon find out they’re up against an unknown deadly force. (Flying killer whales is another theory.)

FrostIt all sounds so…cool. (Heh.) Won’t know if I’m right, though, until Frost comes out sometime in 2012. It’d make sense if it came out in winter. A movie about snow in the summer just doesn’t rock as hard as it otherwise would.

Frost is in post-production as of this e-scribbling. But should they need my assistance, I’m quite good at making yellow snow. Just ask Santa Claus.

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