Unidentified Flying Nazis

Iron SkyWhy is it taking so long for Nazis in UFOs to take over the world? We kicked their Luftwaffe back in 1945 and they retreated to the moon to lick wounds and to reflect on their poor behavior. While on the moon, they built a base, manufactured hundreds of heavily-armed flying saucers, and scheduled a return bout for 2018.

Iron SkyThat part I get. What I don’t get is how come I’ve had to wait over two years since hearing about Iron Sky, a black science fiction comedy, to see it. I even wrote about it in July, 2010 [click HERE to read it]. After impatiently pacing back and forth to my refrigerator all that time, Iron Sky is finally coming out on April 4, 2012. Way too long to carry around that kind of stress. In fact, I plan to sue the film company for my current medical condition caused by all this internal disruption.

Iron SkyOK, maybe it may not be entirely their fault. My steady diet of beer, popcorn, red vines, and movie theatre hot dogs might have something to do with it. When Iron Sky first popped up on the radar, the film studios (Blind Spot Pictures and Energia Productions in Finland) was pitching to the public for investment Deutsche Marks to bring their product to market.

Apparently, the busking worked. One look at Iron Sky’s trailer [click HERE] shows the movie to be an exhilarating and visually spectacular piece of sci-fi genius. In fact, the only negative thing I can say about it is that Iron Sky doesn’t have me starring in some sort of role that allows me to showcase my drinking skills. And my hair, which I spend a LOT of time combing.

Iron SkyAfter Iron Sky runs its course, I would like to buy one of their leftover (or “previously owned”) UFOs to go to the store ’n stuff. (I call my car “flattery” because it gets me nowhere). And while I’d paint over the swastika and replace it with a KISS logo (ironically, their logo looks a lot like a swastika), going to Safeway™ in a flying saucer would be so cool as to be double awesome. Then all those bag boys would bow down before my might. And my meticulously combed hair.

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  1. That lady president looks kinda familiar.

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