The Devil Calls Shotgun

Devil In My RideDevil In My Ride is a road trip exorcism movie coming out sometime this year before the world blows up, no thank to those stupid Mayans. Road trip exorcism – I don’t know why, but that sounds like a hell (sorry) of a lot of fun. Get some road brews, a mix tape of Slayer and assorted evil heavy metal bands that worship Satan in their black as heck underwear, and at least one possessed passenger (to pitch in for gas), and let’s hit the highway to Hell!

In Devil In My Ride, a newly-wedded chick is accidentally cursed by her brother before she could make honeymoon butter (waterbed filled with milk – in the morning…BUTTER!) Now she’s married to the Devil. That doesn’t sound very romantic.

Devil In My RideBut her brother and her fresh-from-the-oven hubbie have to put aside their differences to travel across this great land of ours (Chicago to Vegas) to find a homeless guy by the name of Johnny Priest. (You may have heard of his dad, Judas.) Mr. Priest is the last known man to perform an exorcism. As he’s homeless, Johnny P. will no doubt charge for his services, then head straight for the liquor store. I certainly would.

Devil In My RideSo the plan is to travel 1,500 miles with a devil-possessed chick in the backseat to find a transient exorcist before the gal’s soul is lost forever. She’s lucky I’m not driving – there are a lot of cool stores ’n stuff between Chicago and Vegas I’d really like to shop at. They’re all on my bucket list.

One Response to “The Devil Calls Shotgun”

  1. This sounds ridiculously fun.

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