Ghosts, Aliens, Serial Killers, Dancing

Nightclub School HospitalThe three most powerful words in the English language isn’t “I’ll kill youuuuuu!” It’s “rinse, lather repeat.” Where would we, as a civilized, um, civilization be without that brilliant metaphor for our otherwise disparate lives? I shudder to think.

On February 10th, 2012, we can add another three-word jumble to the pantheon of powerful phrases: Nightclub School Hospital. It’s a Chinese horror movie about… Actually, I have no idea what it’s about. There’s aliens, ghosts, serial killers, some ridiculously hot Asian chick nurses (it’s a hospital, so that makes sense), and…DANCE NUMBERS!

Nightclub School HospitalThat’s right – dancing. Seems our friends to the East have thrown in as many entertaining elements they could think of, including choreographed booty bumpin’. And while we’re on the subject, why am I not in this movie? I can dance. Sort of. It may look like I’m getting an electric chair enema, but I have some serious moves and rhythm to burn. Just so you know, you’ve been served, sucka.

Nightclub School HospitalThe title and the trailer for Nightclub School Hospital leaves one with more questions than answers, though. I get aliens and ghosts; with such a goofy premise, you gotta have something realistic to keep things balanced. But I’m a bit concerned about portions of Nightclub School Hospital being a dance musical. You can shake it in nightclubs. You can get your groove on in schools (after you do your homework). But dancing in hospitals, at least in the country, is frown-y faced upon. Trying to understand why they did that is gonna make my stomach hurt. Then again, if the songs are catchy…FLASHDANCE!

Nightclub School HospitalHey, I’m all about cuttin’ the rug with my skillz. They don’t call me Crazy Legs because it sounds cool. You got to earn a title like that. Sucka.

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